Glorypickers Of Overland Baptist Church will play at WGBC at 6:00 p.m., Sunday, July 17.  They enjoy playing at nursing homes, community service projects, charity and civic events.

Pastor David Johnson plays banjo.  Charlie Lee, Minister of Music, plays bass.  Bob Knarr, maintenance supervisor, plays rhythm guitar.  Roger Depuy plays mandolin.  Greg Tyler plays lead guitar, but also doubles on bass and mandolin.  Connie Tyler plays the hammered dulcimer and a “strum stick.”  They all sing.  Their repertoire includes a mix of Gospel and traditional bluegrass tunes.  They enjoy the corn ball stuff and often do tunes from Hee Haw, like the old pick’in and grin’in routine.

Bring Ice Cream or Cookies to accent our evening of fun and music.


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