Six Things

Come to the Party.  We celebrate birthdays on the first Sunday morning of each month at 9:15 a.m.  Coffee, milk and pastries are available for a donation.  August birthday people  include:     5 Barbara Harford,    6 Andy Chinnici,    17 Wyndy McRoy,    19 Linda Brown,    30 Phil Gill.

The Summer Hymn-Sing at WGBC will occur at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evening, August 14.  So practice up in the key of C.  We’ll sing congregationally from the hymnal.  And individuals can sing music they love.  Or rosin the bow and play your fiddle.

Guest Pianist Joy Correll plays for us during the Morning Worship, August 7.  For several years, Joy was the Sanctuary Pianist for Bellefontaine Baptist Church, Bellefontaine Neighbors.  She and her husband James enjoy retirement and the interaction with their grandchildren.

Quarterly Meeting of the Deacons is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., Wednesday evening, August 31.  The Deacons minister to our church families.  Let your deacon know when life is difficult.  We care for you in the crises of life.

This is summertime in Webster Groves.  It is hot.  We have lost count in how many triple-digit days we have accumulated.  Stay cool, hydrate, and be aware of how the hot weather is affecting people around you.  Step up, be willing to make that extra call to help those who may be distressed because of the intense weather.

The Missions Committee gives a big “thumbs-up” thank-you for the school supplies donated for the Webster Rock Hill Ministries.  Client children will be given a backpack filled with essential school supplies.

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