Preservation Fund 70% pledged

The trustees have led in the establishment of a $5000 Preservation Fund for a Window and A.C. project in the summer of 2012.  Several have now pledged money in excess of $3,500.  Weekly giving to this fund begins this month.  The church budgets money annually for maintenance and upkeep of our building. Occasionally, our church has needs outside of the budget.
The first item encompasses work on the stained glass windows overlooking the sanctuary and the south lawn. These windows are an important part of our building, and carry inscriptions relevant to the history of the church. The glass and metal work of these beautiful windows is in great condition, but the wood frames are deteriorating where exposed to the elements. To protect these windows, we need to have the woodwork scrapped, treated, and painted. A proposal of $1,500 was provided to the Trustees to have the window frames repaired and painted.
The second item relates to the air conditioning unit serving the south side of the gymnasium, Choir Room, upstairs bathrooms, and offices. The compressor on this unit failed. Crestside Heating and Cooling has quoted $3,500 to repair this unit.
Your contribution, in any amount, will help us continue to provide a safe, comfortable, and attractive place to worship.

Thank You!     Dan Bembower     Member of the Board of Trustees

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