99 & 8 Anniversary Luncheon 3/11/2012

Ninety-nine years ago: twenty-eight folks gathered on March 18, 1913, to start a Missions Sunday School, which would meet on Sunday afternoons in the rented Suburban School of Music at Newport and Summit Avenues.   WGBC is nearing its century mark and we celebrate our 99th anniversary with a mini-celebration on Sunday, March 11 following the Morning Worship hour.  The luncheon and mini-program is hosted by our Deacons.  Contact your Deacon if you can participate in this celebration.

We continue to seek pictures and memories from those earlier days of WGBC.  Please share them with us.  We are seeking to preserve our heritage with the memory of these folks who were a significant part of WGBC in those earlier days.

AND eight years ago (on Leap Day, 2004), Dean Stewart was installed as the tenth pastor of our church.  Pastor Stewart stands fourth at WGBC in years of tenure; Dr. Reader (31), Rev. White (12) and Rev. Purvis (15) exceed Stewart in years of ministry at WGBC.

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