Mission Prayer Request

missionWe have many CBF Missionaries around the world, we have a personal relationship with Brenda in China. We frequently remember er in prayer. We also want to remember other CBF Missionaries in prayer during this month.

February 2013

The following prayer requests are from CBF field personnel who are being the presence of Christ around the world.

Paula Settle, Eastern KY, poverty and development work

Paula Settle serves in eastern Kentucky with Mountain Hope, the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship’s rural poverty effort in three Kentucky communities: Owsley County, McCreary County and Powell County’s community of Nada. Her work is part of Together of Hope, CBF’s rural poverty initiative in 20 of the poorest counties in the United States.


Butch & Nell Green, church training, Muslim focus, Houston, TX

After long-term ministry among Muslims in Senegal and Belgium, the Greens are continuing a strategic ministry to help teach North American churches how to care for Muslim immigrants in their own communities. From their home base in Houston, the Greens develop relationships with churches in Texas and surrounding states, helping North American churches reach out in love to their Muslim neighbors and become a welcoming place for believers of Muslim background.

The Greens help churches discern how God could be leading their congregations to respond. In time, the Greens hope to help churches develop fully formed, multidisciplinary ministries to meet the needs of internationals, share the gospel of Christ and become effective global partners.

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2 Responses to Mission Prayer Request

  1. blisenby says:

    Thanks for the prayers! Brenda

  2. TXS says:

    We will faithfully pray in agreement with you concerning these requests from the CBF field personnel.

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