Mission Committee

CommunityMission Committee reports that WGBC exceeded its goal of $1,000 for the J. Hudson Taylor Mission Offering by collecting $1,379.26.  Also the Mission Committee sent $200-300 to CBF of Missouri for use with Sandy Rescue in New York.

The Mission Meal and More will be Wednesday, March 20, at 5:30 p.m.

The committee also reports that half of May’s Mission Offering will go to the East St. Louis Christian Activites Center, which is associated with Chaplain Drew Phillips.

$840 was sent to Augisteen Komarapu for his Grace Gospel Ministry in India, who wrote to share that the ministry there has had a one-day gospel meeting on Feb. 28.   Five pastors were invited pt participate and share God’s word.

The Committee of Grace Gospel Ministry has distributed new clothes (saries) to 25 women.  “All 25 women shared their gratitude to God and sponsor i.e. you the church for the gifts that was distributed to them.”  Rev. Komarapu said he would send some pitctures of the meeting and a program of the day.

Rev. Komarapu’s ministry has also bought a mobile sound system which costs about $180 for our ministry (GGM, India) to help with out-reach in evangelism for street preaching. Rev. Komarapu said, “At this time I want to express my humble gratitude and thanks to you all the members of the Church, pastor and mission committee for your prayers and the support that make us to works more for the glory and honor of God.  Your love and concern for us and our ministry is always appreciated. Please convey our greetings to all the members of the Church.”

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