Due to the weather and concern for safety, Jan. 5 activities are cancelled

snowy-morn-2.jpgDear WGBC Family,

We have decided to cancel services tomorrow due to warnings of inclement weather. Although we are not sure if this will actually happen we want to ensure your safety above all else. On tomorrow I would encourage you take some time alone or with your family and read Ephesians 1: 3-14.  After you read this text have a discussion of what it means to you.  Then spend some time on tomorrow or throughout the week answering the questions below.
I look forward to seeing you on next week.
Pastor Jermine
Announcements for the week of January 5-12, 2013
Sunday 1/5/12:  Services Cancelled due to inclement weather.  Please stay safe
                        and warm.  Please contact your deacon or pastor with any
Wednesday:  Friendship International
         Choir Practice @ 7 pm
Sunday:  8:45-9:30 Deacons Meeting
    9:00 January Birthdays
             9:30 Sunday School
   10:45 am Worship of God
   After Worship:  Pastor Search Committee
                        Children & Youth Luncheon:  Edmonson/Ellsworth
a. Who is the One being praised or blessed? v. 3a. Why is it necessary to mention Jesus when defining who God is?
b. What reasons are given for God being praised? v. 3b. Who all has he blessed and where? What does Paul mean by the “heavenly realms”?
c. In whom are all spiritual blessings contained? v. 3b. What does “in Christ” mean? See the Introduction.
d. In whom was this group of people chosen? v. 4. Why? When did God plan to elect this body of people (the church) onto himself? With what ultimate purpose did God do this?
e. What was God’s motive for the predestination of everyone who believes? v. 5a. To what is everyone who believes predestined?
f. What was the significance of “adoption” in ancient Roman times? Consult a Bible dictionary. Through whom does this adoption take place?
g. Why is it that such wonderful spiritual benefits should take place for repentant sinners in Christ? v. 5b.
h. What is the basis or bottom line of how we obtain such spiritual benefits such as being chosen (election) and made heirs (adoption) of God’s provisions? v. 6.
a. What is the first benefit of two more spiritual benefits mentioned here? v. 7a. Explain the meaning of “redemption in his blood.”
b. What is the second spiritual benefit mentioned? v. 7b. In accordance with what are these blessing bestowed? v. 7c. Explain the meaning of the “riches of God’s grace.”
c. What two other blessings does God confer on believers? v. 8. Why do you think these latter two are important?
d. What does God make known to us? v. 9a. What does “will” mean?
e. What is meant by: “which he purposed in Christ”? v. 9b.
f. When is God’s divine purpose in Christ to be completed? v. 10a.
g. What is the mystery of his will (God’s divine purpose)? v. 10b.
a. Where do God’s people (the church) fit into his eternal plans? v. 11.
b. How do the believing Jews fit in to his plan? v. 12.
c. How do believing Gentiles fit into his plan? v. 13. With what seal have we been marked? Explain.
d. What does it mean to have the Holy Spirit abide in believers? v. 14. Explain the meaning of the term “deposit of guarantee” as applied to the Holy Spirit.
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