Update: Trivia Night March 14

triviaJoin us for fellowship and fun, on March 14 at 6:30 p.m. for Trivia Night.

There is no fee or prizes, just getting together to enjoy one another’s company and answering questions created by our own  church family.

The categories are Movie Quotes (submitted by Donald Johnson), Literature (submitted by Aerin Johnson), American History (submitted by Jean Knue), Missouri History or Civil War (submitted by Jack Reams),  Old Testament (submitted by Howard Trump),  Sports (submitted by Joe and/or Darren McRoy),  To be decided (submitted by Sam Davidson), and New Testament (submitted by Jerimiah Alberty).

It’ll be fun, with food and fellowship——and educational as well.

Participants are invited (but not required)  to bring snackish type foods and drinks to share.

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