Pastor’s Message

June 8, 2014

Rev. Jermine Alberty shares the Pentecost  message "We are Called to All People."

Rev. Jermine Alberty shares the Pentecost message “We are Called to All People.”

Dear WGBC Family,

In the New Testament alone there are some 261 passages, which refer to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is mentioned fifty-six times in the Gospels, fifty-seven times in the book of Acts, 112 times in the Pauline epistles, and thirty-six times in the remaining New Testament. Clearly, the Spirit of God is important in the life of the people of God. It is by the Spirit of God that we received the things of God.

Often in the Scripture one may learn much about someone simply by studying the names and titles given to that person. So it is with the Holy Spirit. The thirteen titles ascribed to him include the Spirit of God, Christ, eternity, truth, grace, glory, life, wisdom and revelation, comforter, promise, adoption, holiness, and faith. It is these attributes of the Spirit that equips the believer to be Christ to those we are called to reach by the name of God.

On the day Pentecost, the disciple waited patiently to receive this gift from God. On that day, they saw their waiting fulfilled as they were rewarded when a mighty rushing wind filled the room. It was the Holy Spirit that would embolden the disciples to leave the upper room and go into streets to speak God’s message to all people. They went from a group who went from wondering what was next. To a group that was propelled by the Spirit to carry out the work of God. I encourage you to live a Spirit driven life for it is by the Spirit of God that we also are empowered to speak to all people God’s message of love, hope, redemption, repentance and forgiveness.

Yours in the name of the Risen Christ,

Interim Pastor Jermine Alberty

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