Pastor’s Message for the Week of June 15

June 15, 2014M1440043

Dear WGBC Family,

The Great Commission is considered to be the last instructions and cornerstone (foundation stone) of Christian tradition.  To be commission is to be given “a special assignment or to be “charge with a task’ Using these two definitions of the term, we could surmise that Jesus commissioned his disciples with an assignment to complete certain tasks.

                One of those tasks according to Matthew 28:16-20 is to teach (train) individuals in “The Way” of Jesus the Christ. As a sign that individuals believed in “The Way” Jesus gave the disciples the authority to baptize them by the name of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. However, the teaching and baptizing cannot happen unless the disciple obeyed the first instruction.

The believer is called to “Go” and share their faith with others the word “Go” is the first word that is proclaimed in the commission for many this going is translated to mean we are called to evangelize to those who have not heard the Good News of the Kingdom of God. One may wonder is being commissioned only about teaching, baptism and evangelism or is being commissioned about how we live in community with one another?

                I believe that we are called or commission to not only be witnesses to the world about the teachings of Jesus but we called to live out the teachings of Jesus. What are the teachings of Jesus? We are called to share with the world a message of hope, redemption, forgiveness, repentance and belief in the one true God. We are called to share the message of Christ but more importantly we called to be like Christ (Christian) to those we encounter daily.  Will you accept the commission to Go and do the work of God? If your answer is yes, Jesus promised that he would be with you. Go in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the world for God.

                Yours in the name of the Risen Christ,

                 Interim Pastor Jermine Alberty

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