Rev. Andy Thomas offers resignation as pastor

At the end of service this morning, Rev. Andy Thomas read this letter of resignation to the congregation.

Rev. Andy Thomas
308 Summit Ave
Webster Groves, MO 63119                                                                                   April 8, 2015

Dear members of Webster Groves Baptist Church,

After much reflection, conversation, and prayer, I have decided to resign as your pastor. Those are difficult words to write. Perhaps they are a shock to read. They are filled with thought and emotion. Let me tell you how I came to this decision.

In mid-2014, as I began a conversation with the search committee of WGBC, I was beginning to have serious conversations with Allissa about getting married. Shortly after we decided to marry, my conversations with WGBC seemed to be heading toward a high possibility of being called as your pastor. So about the time I was offering my “Will you marry me?” to Allissa, I was also hearing the equivalent in church language from WGBC. The last part of 2014 was filled with change for me—change of job and the change of planning a marriage with Allissa. I thought I could handle both, but alas, it has been too much.

Allissa and I have discovered over the past months that we need to invest in our faith life together for the sake of our relationship. Ministry in a church, such as WGBC, would seem to provide that opportunity. However, Allissa and I are from different faith traditions and have not adequately blended those to find a tradition that fits us both. We need to give each other more energy and grow together in faith. It’s unnecessarily difficult to try to figure out our own faith life together when I am tied to the role of pastor. So, for the sake of the relationship between Allissa and I, I am resigning as pastor of WGBC.

This has been a difficult decision to make. I have felt that my relationship with WGBC has grown in depth and trust in the last few months. You have been kind and supportive to Allissa and I. Thank you for that. We’re grateful. For the burden my resignation places upon you, I apologize. I only ask that you gain some sense of closure by the knowledge that I’m resigning for the health of my marriage, rather than in reaction to my relationship with you.

I wanted to wait until after Easter to resign, as I feel deeply that Easter should be a celebration. I leave you with my prayers to God for your blessing and wholeness. I pray God’s Spirit would lead you into the future He has for you.

My last Sunday will be May 3, 2015, unless through conversation with the leadership it is agreed otherwise.

Grace and peace in Christ,

Rev. Andy Thomas

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1 Response to Rev. Andy Thomas offers resignation as pastor

  1. Debbie Chinnici says:

    May you and Allissa grow in love and assurance God is leading you to do His great work. Bless you both.

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