Verna’s Last Words

After Verna’s stroke, Verna could not talk.

Saturday night, October 30, Ken and Pat Clark stayed the night at the nursing home with Mom Verna who was so ill.  The night CNA came in and relayed the story from the night before.  She said that Verna with her eyes wide open, spoke distinctly saying, “The angels are coming for me.  May I go?”  The stunned CNA responded to Verna, “Sure, honey, you can go.”  The night CNA then relayed this conversation to the other staff about Verna’s words.  They replied, “She doesn’t speak.”  “Well, she did just now!” was the CNA’s reply.  When one of the great-grandchildren heard this report, she told her mother, “Grandma Clark said she’s ready to meet Jesus.”

Verna went with those angels of God late Sunday afternoon, October 31.

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