Sasha and Mira Report: Bosnian Food Pantry

We helped 4,325 families this year.  We are thankful for each volunteer; we encourage you as you serve God by helping others at the Food Pantry: 4228 S. Kingshighway Blvd.  One Bosnian man approached me, “Do you know that you are going to have a great reward for what you are doing before Allah?”  I replied, “Do you know that if I don’t have love for you and the other people here, no deeds can help me before God?”  I appreciate every chance to talk with people and share what I receive from God!

The Food Pantry

  • is a great place to serve,
  • to be the hands of Christ,
  • to eagerly share Good News.

Pray for us and our ministry.     Sasha & Mira Zivanov

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