Report from Sasha & Mira Zivanov, Bosnian Food Pantry

Many of you have heard about the boy who was afraid of falling asleep: 

A mother came to us in the Food Pantry and asked if we could come to visit them.  We went in late January to talk with her and the boy, who is 15 years old.  She explained how they had been more than once to the hospital for tests but the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with boy.  Still, he couldn’t sleep; because as soon as he would fall asleep, he would start having bad dreams.  So we prayed that day with him.  As soon as we came home, we sent a letter out to our friends to join us in prayer.

The second time we went to visit the family, we again prayed for the boy, and Sasha read from the Bible and talked with him.  The following Saturday, his mom came to the Food Pantry with a big smile on her face, she was actually a little late that day, but she was happy!  She came to us and said, “Finally I am sleeping so well and my son, too.  He is fine; he is well; he doesn’t have any fear any more.”   When I asked her how she came had the idea to come and ask us for prayer, she answered that she had seen many people came to us and ask for prayer.  

We are thankful for your prayers, because God answered our prayer and the boy is now fine.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers.  God is great!

We had a great response for International Women’s Day on March 11 and a great time together.  Thanks to my dear friends from Kirkwood Baptist who came to help!

On March 25, we went to the park for a picnic with 17 grown-ups and 12 kids!

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