Pastor’s Message for the Week of June 22

June 22, 2014RevJermineAlbertyEaster2014

Dear WGBC Family,

This morning our sermon text comes from Matthew 10:35-39. The disciples are challenged to break their old ties and accept the new ties that come in following Jesus. Just like the disciples, the believer is challenged to understand that following Jesus might result in division with those they love most. A decision is required, and the believer must be determined to maintain their commitment to God through thick and thin.

We must understand that the true meaning of life can be found when we follow the example of Jesus. Jesus show us the importance of self-denial, endurance of suffering, service, faithfulness, love, patience, forgiveness of others, gentleness and humility, purity and prayer.  Yes, it is true that following Jesus will or can bring division, but we must also have a blessed assurance that the Prince of Peace will grant us the sincerity we need as we travel on this journey we call life.

Yours in the name of the Risen Christ,

Interim Pastor Jermine Alberty

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